What others say about us

“Bartimaeus has been great for our son, Jonathon. He is learning new concepts all the time and is improving in all aspects of development. We are thrilled with his progress.”

Mrs. Janet A., Mother

“We are very pleased with all services we have received from Bartimaeus. Our son with autism has shown many gains from his involvement in both home and gym programs.”

Mr. and Ms. A., Mother and Father

“Bartimaeus had done a great deal for our son in the last five months. I feel he has improved in severals areas including non verbal communication. His comprehension and recognition of verbal commands has increased greatly. I would recommend Bartimaeus’ Specialized Programming to anyone that has a child with PDD or a similar diagnosis.”

Ms. Dominic M., Mother

“The [Hospital and Healthcare Support] service has been a thoroughly professional service from the very first contact. Great care is given to finding the right match for clients. It has been a pleasure dealing with Bartimaeus.”

Ms. Pat L., Sister

“I’m really happy. I see a difference in his planning and the interesting tips he got can help everyone in the family.”

Parent of a Grade 5 student

“An excellent program to allow students to learn about high school and how to get ready for it.”

Parent of a Grade 6 student

“The kids got great ideas and strategies! Sharon did an excellent job preparing my students for next year.”

Grade 6 teacher

“As always, the program was great, well prepared, well animated, and fun!”

Grade 6 teacher

“Bartimaeus representatives were wonderful. They were knowledgeable, trained in conflict management and intervention and accustomed to dealing with crisis situations. Bartimaeus Senior Services delivered exactly what we needed.”

Daughter of service recipient

“Bartimaeus takes a great deal of the burden off of me. Marlene being there to care for my mom gave dad time to sleep himself, this made a tremendous difference. Marlene and Shirlea have been an incredible support. It is wonderful to know that someone else is there — responsible people — looking out for my parents’’ interests. They are a Godsend — I don’t know how I could do it without them! They do a fabulous job assisting families.”

Family of service recipient

“…staff at Bartimaeus have been available and prompt in responding to Board needs for temporary staff, at fees which compare favourably with rates for newspaper advertising. …Bartimaeus has taken the time needed to develop a clear understanding of the needs of students and staff…responded promptly to very short timelines, which has enabled rapid placement of staff to respond to circumstances which have been stressful for students and staff alike. …Within a two week period, I am able to request service and have someone working with a student, for a long term assignment.; I have had a staff in place the day after a request is made, through the Education Support Service. Bartimaeus has helped this Board provide necessary service to some of our neediest students, in a responsive, efficient and professional manner.”

Behaviour Resource Specialist

“Bartimaeus has been a very valuable resource to our family during a very difficult time. Bartimaeus provided our family with many resources that helped with the transition from mom being in the hospital to coming home. They were incredibly professional, kind and very thoughtful to our whole family. They have provided excellent people to work with our mom and have showed her lots of patience and kindness. As a family member it is very difficult to have put our trust in people to look after one of the most important people in our life however we were quickly put at ease and they have become extended members of our family. We are so grateful that an agency such as Bartimaeus exists and to the people that helped our family. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Family of service recipient