Residential Resource, Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, Bartimaeus Residential Resource is available for children, adolescents and adults requiring respite care, or temporary specialized support, due to behavioural difficulties. The Residential Resource is ideal for individuals with complex behaviours. Our focus is on individualized programming, building experiences and preparing individuals for their next steps. Residential Resource is available for flexible, short-term stays, based on individual needs. Each home can accommodate up to two individuals at a time, with parallel programming.

Specialized Behavioural
Support Services

Bartimaeus provides specialized behavioural support services to organizations that provide services to children, adolescents, adults and seniors who are experiencing behavioural, social, emotional and psychiatric challenges. Services are provided in a wide range of community and institutional settings throughout the Maritime provinces.

Hospital and Healthcare — Support to individuals on any hospital unit as well as pre- and post-hospitalization.

Social Services — Support to community service agencies for their clients.

Education — Support to public and private schools for their students.

Criminal Justice — Support to individuals in the youth justice and adult criminal justice systems.

Family Support Services

Bartimaeus provides support for family members who are exhibiting moderate to severe behavioural difficulties due to social, emotional, psychological, and developmental challenges. Our services are provided in the person’s home or community — school, work, hospital, social service agency, or treatment program.

Child & Adolescent — We provide support for children and adolescents who are exhibiting challenging behaviour due to developmental, mental health or familial difficulties.

Transitional Aged Youth — We provide mentor services to vulnerable youth who are in a transition between childhood and adulthood. These services are available in a college, university or community context.

Adult — We provide services for adults who are experiencing behavioural challenges due to developmental, mental health, and/or substance abuse problems.

Parent Help — For parents struggling to determine the best way to respond to their child’s special and unique needs, we offer counselling that focuses on the present, the challenges, and the possible solutions.