Transition to High School

For many students the transition from elementary school to high school is a difficult one. Successful preparation for grade six students combines reducing anticipatory fears as well as learning specific skills designed to maximize the potential for academic success.

There are three key components to this highly interactive eight-week program:

  1. Direct classroom instruction for 45-60 minutes per week.
  2. A 90-minute workshop for teachers provides tools to reinforce the concepts taught.
  3. A 90-minute information evening for parents provides strategies to complement the skills being taught to their children.

The three major objectives of the Transition to High School program are to:

  1. Teach practical organizational and time-management techniques specific to high school demands.
  2. Reduce anxiety by using stress management techniques.
  3. Develop successful note-taking strategies and exam preparation skills.

At the conclusion of the program students will exhibit more confidence and less anxiety about entering high school. High school teachers will see a higher level of collateral competence in students to support academic learning. Parents will recognize that their children have developed unique skills to assist them in a successful transition.