Flexible support available when and where you need it 

One-to-one support for children and adolescents who are exhibiting unusual behaviours and/or are experiencing mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and eating disorder, among others.

Families typically call Bartimaeus when there is a concern that a child or an adolescent is:
• displaying aggressive/violent behaviours
• overly withdrawn or has difficulty with establishing/maintaining social relationships
• experiencing marked decrease in academic performance
• hurting themselves, such as cutting, or has suicidal thoughts/ideation
• stealing
• experiencing severe mood swings
• experiencing self-care difficulties
• having issues with substance abuse

Services are offered in the family home, hospital, at school, university/college campus, or anywhere in the community, and often during transitions in a child’s or an adolescent’s life.

Family home: develop and implement programs that reinforce acceptable and productive behaviours.

Hospital: support is provided to assist with behavioural needs during hospitalization and upon discharge.

Elementary school: support is available to assist with behavioural issues, skill development, and learning-appropriate behaviours, as well as to provide support and encouragement.

College and university: support is available for students during transition to university/college and ongoing, as needed, during the academic year.

Youth Justice System: we work with families are involved with the youth justice system.

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