Flexible support when problematic behaviours arise

We offer one-to-one support for adults who are developmentally challenged and are experiencing any of the following:
• Exhibiting unusual behaviours (i.e. aggressive violent or withdrawn)
• Severe mood swings
• Poor social relationships
• Attention deficit and/or hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders and self-care difficulties

Services are offered in the family home, hospital, workplace or anywhere in the community.

Family home:
• Behaviour Programming – develop and implement programs that re-enforce acceptable and productive behaviours.
• Respite Services – planned and supportive breaks for families provided in the family home.

Hospital: Support is provided to assist with behavioural needs during hospitalization and upon discharge.

Workplace: For adults with special needs, services are available to assist in skill development, learning appropriate work behaviours, and to provide support and encouragement.

Bartimaeus Associates develop a positive relationship with the adult and their family, supporting the move from problematic behaviours to those that are socially acceptable and productive.