Lyn Gourley

289 221-6070

Specialized Behavioural Support
and Family Services
(Child & Adolescent, and Adult)

York and Durham regions/ Peterborough and Lindsay regions

Lyn Gourley has over 20 years of experience in the field of social services. With an extensive background in children’s mental health, Lyn provides support through Bartimaeus to numerous community agencies, schools, hospitals, and private families in York and Durham regions. Her expertise is a result of her years working as a member of a mobile crisis team, shelters and live-in treatment settings that focused on supporting children, adolescents and adults with severe behavioural and emotional challenges.

In addition, Lyn has been responsible for administration and consultation for social service organizations and has provided training in Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviour, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and Behaviour Management Systems. Lyn is an active member of her local community, participating in several committees in York Region. Lyn has her Masters of Social Work and is a member of the OCSWSSW.