Develop effective management structures and operational systems

Bartimaeus’ Management Service assists community social service agencies in developing effective management structures and operational systems to realize their full organizational potential. We provide strategic options for the consideration of boards and senior managers to address areas of operation that have been deemed significant and in need of review and possible change. Our services respond to the unique and individual needs of each social service agency and organization.

Target areas:

  • Board/management relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Succession planning, senior management review and outplacement services
  • Strategizing resource allocation and cost planning
  • Preparing for accreditation and responding to accreditation recommendations
  • Program reviews: service demand and economical viability
  • Determining alternative funding streams
  • Developing and supporting social service entrepreneurial activities

Expected outcomes:

  • Conclusions and recommendations that make sense and are easily implemented
  • Greater efficiencies that lead to effective service delivery
  • Improved management systems
  • Efficient allocation of resources
  • Overall increase in organizational stakeholder value

Personnel Services

Bartimaeus’ Personnel Service provides searches for candidates to fill positions in social services agencies throughout our service areas.  Locating appropriate skilled, knowledgeable and trained staff members, either for front line work for management positions, can take time and resources away from the core activities of the organization.  Using our extensive network model Bartimaeus is able to locate and make available potential staff members for agency review and consideration.  We offer searches for full time permanent, full time contract, part time contract, and time limited positions.

Bartimaeus’ Outplacement Service assists agencies in supporting staff members whose positions have been declared redundant and require a time limited support service to prepare to re-enter the work force, either within their particular field of expertise or gaining support accessing re-training to prepare for a career change and employment.