Bartimaeus Rehabilitation Services Inc.

Bartimaeus Inc. to split into two distinct, independent, highly-focused service companies – Bartimaeus Inc. and Bartimaeus Rehabilitation Services Inc. 

Bill Carty, the owner of Bartimaeus Inc. is pleased to announce that Bartimaeus Inc. will be split into two industry-leading service companies as of May 30, 2014.

Since its inception in 1988, Bartimaeus’ business has grown and developed into two distinct businesses, serving different customer bases with unique and identifiable characteristics:

Rehabilitation Services – working with individuals with an acquired brain injury, and other serious trauma.

Support Services to health organizations, social service agencies, school boards and directly to families; working with individuals who are experiencing moderate to extreme behavioural difficulties.

This strategic move to formally split Bartimaeus Inc. will allow each company to further specialize in their service sectors.  “Bartimaeus’ services are well established and recognized for their quality and are highly respected in all service areas.  We are very excited about this step forward”, Mr. Carty said.

The businesses will be led by separate management teams and the administrative offices will be housed at two different locations:

Bartimaeus Rehabilitation Services Inc. will be headed by Pat Gaughan as President and CEO, and Lisa Wylie as General Manager and Chief Administrative Officer.  The administrative offices will be located at 600 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario.

Bartimaeus Inc. will be headed by Bill Carty as President and CEO, and Anne Bonfigli as General Manager and Chief Administrative Officer.  Bartimaeus Inc.’s administrative office will remain at 1006 Plains Road East in Burlington, Ontario.

The two companies will have separate processes and systems designed to best address their customers’ needs and their unique competitive and operating environments.