The Organization

Bartimaeus Inc. was founded in 1988, to support people of all ages who were experiencing emotional, behavioural, psychological and/or developmental problems. Today Bartimaeus offers many direct services to clients with complex needs, as well as customized training and consultation services to customers throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Bartimaeus is Canadian owned and operated.

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Our mission is to provide high quality, competency-based support services to children, adolescents, adults who require special care, and seniors throughout our service areas

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Our vision is to provide quality service, through a partnership of Bartimaeus, the Service Co-ordinators and the Associates, by developing and maintaining a pool of professional care providers that enables us to meet the special and unique needs of our customers.

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Bartimaeus provides quality direct services, consultation, training, evaluation, and personnel services to enrich the care environments of our customers.

  • Bartimaeus is dedicated to our customers and those people that they care for and serve.
  • Bartimaeus provides an exceptionally qualified Associate or Contract Staff member to each and every customer to meet their care and/or rehabilitation needs.
  • Bartimaeus ensures that our Associates and Contract Staff bring the skills, experience and training necessary to meet the needs of the individuals we serve.
  • Bartimaeus is committed in having open, direct and honest communication with all stakeholders of Bartimaeus.
  • Bartimaeus is dedicated to the well being of all recipients of the services provided and advocates for services in their best interests when appropriate.