Study Skills and Organizational Methods

Students need appropriate strategies to help them maximize their subject knowledge. In order to take control of their learning, they can benefit substantially from practical study skills and simple, effective organizational methods matched to their unique learning styles.

There are three key components to this popular and highly interactive ten-week program:

  1. Direct classroom instruction for 45-60 minutes per week.
  2. A ninety-minute workshop for teachers to provide tools to reinforce the concepts taught.
  3. A ninety-minute information evening for parents provides strategies to complement the skills being taught to their children.

The four major objectives of the Study Skills and Organizational Methods program are to:

  1. Identify personal learning styles to maximize learning potential.
  2. Teach practical organizational skills.
  3. Introduce time management techniques.
  4. Develop effective strategies for homework completion.

At the conclusion of the program students will take increased responsibility for their own learning. Teachers will be able to utilize concepts taught to encourage student self-reliance. Parents will recognize that their children have developed unique skills for successfully completing homework assignments.