We provide one-to-one behavioural interventions and support to seniors with responsive behaviours.

We provide support to seniors:

  • who have developed severe behavioural, social, emotional and/or psychiatric difficulties
  • living with terminal illness
  • isolated due to physical limitations
  • during times of transition and change

Our services stabilize problem behaviours and address the social and emotional issues for seniors. Our individualized approach allows unique interventions to be put into place where possible.

  • Reduces anxiety; stabilizes behaviour
  • Reduces the utilization of chemical, environmental and physical restraints
  • Reduces risks to oneself and others
  • Respects and increases autonomy and avoids generalizations in care

Services are provided in the home or community and are offered independently or in conjunction with other public and private services.

Respite Care — enables individuals to remain in their own environment and is invaluable to care providers offering service that fits their schedule i.e. weekends, vacation and overnight.
Program/Agency Support — our Associates provide a safe and secure solution for long-term care facilities, retirement homes, supportive living environments and day programs. Our Associates have demonstrated excellence in their level of care for individuals, and expertise in working with other professionals.
Appointment Accompaniment — accompaniment and support for those individuals that need to attend appointments.
Daily Living/Home Support — support to seniors in their home
Hospital and Health Care Service — support during hospitalization
Palliative Care Support — in-home support to seniors who are terminally ill and their caregivers
Therapeutic Recreation Support — increase seniors physical activity level and reduce isolation
Travel Companionship — knowledgeable support and a safe travel experience for those individuals that wish to travel