Senior Services

Bartimaeus Senior Services has provided support to seniors with complex care needs, their families, and healthcare providers for over 20 years. Our services address behaviour, cognitive, emotional, physical and/or social difficulties that accompany aging.

We offer three distinct services:
• Assistance to seniors who are experiencing emotional, psychological and behavioural challenges
• Assistance to families and health care professionals in making appropriate plans based on available resources
• Ongoing support to ensure plans are in place and monitored for effectiveness

Behavioural Intervention and Support Service
We provide one-to-one behavioural intervention and support to seniors with responsive behaviours.

Consultation Service
We assist the family and health care teams to develop care plans and manage ongoing behavioural concerns.

Care Management Service
We assist in the ongoing monitoring of services that are available for an individual requiring specialized care.

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Bartimaeus Senior Services is a member of Essential Seniors Network.
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