Child & Family Support

One-to-one support services for children and adolescents who have one or more of the following symptoms:
• Unusual behaviours (i.e. aggressive violent or withdrawn)
• Severe mood swings
• Poor social relationships
• A marked decrease in academic performance
• Attention deficit and/or hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders and self-care difficulties

We also work with families whose children and adolescents might be involved with the youth justice system.

Services are offered in the family home, school, hospital or anywhere in the community.

Family home:
• Behaviour Programming – develop and implement programs that re-enforce acceptable and productive behaviours.
• Parental Support – assisting parents in making appropriate care plans and accessing services.
• Respite Services – planned and supportive breaks for families provided in the family home.

Hospital: support is provided to assist with behavioural needs during hospitalization and upon discharge.

School: support is available to assist with behavioural issues, skill development, learning appropriate behaviours, and to provide support and encouragement.

Bartimaeus Associates develop a positive relationship with the child/adolescent and their family, supporting the move from problematic behaviours to those that are socially acceptable and productive.

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